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Loss of power after stuck in snow

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Loss of power after stuck in snow

I Bought a used 1 owner 03 dodge 1500 quad cab w 5.7L Hemi. When test drove it laid a 10 to 20' mark on road with no problem. After stuck in mud and snow and close to over rev during and on way home! Next day or so it really seems to have chatter from top area of motor. It has been looked at by everyone I trust from dealer to my mechanic and friends! And some say it sounds like a Hemi and others agree to hear the chatter also! Bottom line is now it doesn't even give me a squeal on take off even w/ new cold air intake, flow master exhaust, new plugs, and even royal purple oil! What/ how test can I do to find what I possible. Messed up? This truck only has 52k miles now. And the guy who traded it in was 80 years old and only used it to pull antique cars he had. All maintenance done at the previous dealer!  Please help me with where to start testing so I can pay my dues for loosing my cool and get my ride back the way she was when I brought it home!
Thank you for time on this and look forward to your replies!



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Re: Loss of power after stuck in snow

I have heard that the 5.7 L Hemi engine has had valve train issues and there are some fixes mentioned in some Dodge websites. The issues mentioned are worn or broken valve springs, exhaust valve stem thickness issues where they replace the exhaust valves for a tick noise, oil pressure issues going to the valve train and injector issues.

Checking the simple things first would be fuel pressure issues for loss of power. Check for a clogged fuel filter and or low fuel pressure due to a clogged fuel filter. If pressure is good then investigate the upper engine noise.

Valve issues can cause loss of power from leaking or worn valve lifters, worn valve guides, valve springs and rocker arms.

The way you explain that the engine was quiet and after you revved the engine up to almost red line could have caused a problem. The old man probably never drove the truck like that and didn't get stuck.

There are some service bulletins out there that you can get from your Dodge dealer under engine tick noises and they usually all point to doing something to the valve train.

I hope this information helped. Most of the information I have gotten say that the ticking noise of the Hemi engine is almost like a trade mark for the engine and is a normal condition.

I think it still can be fixed by a Dodge tech who knows the engine well and still cares about doing the job the right way and not the way the service department say it is supposed to be.
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