Buick LeSabre:

Will not start

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Will not start

Buick Le Sabre V6. After replacing a shorted out break light my car will not start. Had battery checked and was good.  Does not even turn over. I here the fuel pump kick in.



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Re: Will not start

What year is you r LeSabre?

Start by checking the fuses in all of the fuse panels.

If fuses are good, check the wires at the starter. The wires on the starter solenoid have the battery cable and the starter wires.

Check the battery cables for a bad connection on the positive and negative cable on both ends. The connection can look clean and tight but be corroded at the connection and physically not make contact.

Have someone turn the key and the other check with a test light to see if you have voltage on the smaller wires, should be the purple wire (depending on the year). If you have current on the wire then you probably have a bad starter.

If you don't have current then check the fusible links at the starter (the links are the wires themselves) check the wire further up to check for current.

Check the starter relay for proper function. You should be able to swap it with another relay to check for proper function.

The neutral safety switch should be checked that it is set properly. 

Try these suggestions for now and get back to me with as much detailed information on your car and problem when you can.

We can diagnosis the problem further with this information.

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