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Camaro that dies and won't restart

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Camaro that dies and won't restart

I have a 1984 Camaro that runs and then dies after different periods of time. After it dies during driving it won't restart unless we wait till it completely cools down. Starter fluid sometimes helps but it hasn't worked lately. We changed the spark plugs, fuel pump, fuel line, fuel filter, temperature sensor next to the thermostat. Also all the fluids have been checked.
We took it to 2 different car repair shops and one flat out said we don't know, the other made some vacuum line adjustments but we still have the problem.
Personally i would guess it's an electrical problem but i'm no certified mechanic.
Please help, we can do most everything our selves, we just don't want to spend 1,500 in labor costs for the next place to tell us they don't know either.



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Re: Camaro that dies and won't restart

What size engine is in the Camaro?

Is it carburetor or fuel injected?

When the engine dies you need to know what caused the problem.

With the engine stalled and won't start, check to see if you have spark at the spark plug wires. If you have spark, check for fuel pressure. You're losing something and these are the number 1 and 2 suspects.

No spark with the engine hot could be caused by a faulty pick-up coil in distributor, a bad ignition coil, ignition module, distributor rotor, cracked distributor cap and even a bad ECM.

If you have no fuel then check the fuel pump relay and oil pressure switch.

Determining the area of the problem is first then diagnosis the problem area.

Check all body grounds to the engine and ECM. A loose connection or corroded connector could cause this type of problem.

If you can get the car to an Auto Zone auto parts store they can put a scanner on the car to see if there are any trouble codes stored in the computer memory. I think they do this for free. Check to make sure.

Try these suggestions and get back to me when you can.
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