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A/C problem

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A/C problem

I have an 07 Ford Fusion that recently has been giving me some problems with the A/C. Perfect example, yesterday I drove 12 miles round trip and the A/C never blew cold, just lukewarm. Today it was immediately cold. We checked to see if it needed to be charged and it doesn't. I thought maybe switching from heater to A/C caused the problem so I experimented with no heater and it still happened. We are hoping we can fix this ourselves as $ is tight!



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Re: A/C problem

Does the compressor cycle on and off when warm air is coming out of the vents?

If the compressor is cycling then the A/C pressures would need to be checked.

If the compressor does not cycle then the pressure switches and wire connections would need to be checked.

If all of the components check out then you may need to check the blend doors inside the car under the dash board. One or both of the doors may be sticking in a warmer position.

I checked to see if there were any service bulletins and there were not any.

If there is no problem that you can see you would need to take the car to the dealer and have a scanner hooked up to the computer and see if there are any trouble codes stored in the computer memory.

With the scanner the mechanic can check the position of the doors and switches to confirm any malfunction in the A/C system.
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