Chrysler Sebring:

After battery install

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# 1  2/2/2012 5:48 PM

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After battery install

I have no radio
no rear view mirror lights
no vanity mirror lights
trunk button does not work

2004 Sebring Convertible
I disconnected battery and re connected still have problems all fuses in engine compartment and side of dash are OK.



# 2  2/2/2012 9:37 PM

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Re: After battery install

When you disconnected the battery you erased all of the control modules memories. You will have to go to the dealer or qualified automotive professional who has the programs and scanner to do this kind of job. They have to reprogram the modules so they work again.

In the future you can go to Auto Zone and they sell what the call a memory saver. It connects to a small battery or if you have a portable battery jump start it plugs into the 12 volt lighter adapter. You just plug it into the battery minder and the other end plugs into the computer connector. This will keep supplying the voltage to the computer modules while the battery is disconnected and you won't lose any of the stored memory in the modules.
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