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2007 F-150 Headlight switch

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2007 F-150 Headlight switch

Hey this is my first post!!! I think I need to replace my headlight switch on my 2007 Ford F-150 4.6 v8 2WD.  I want to purchase the switch on Ebay but there are two types one with the fog light option and the one without.  The one with the fog light option is cheaper but my model doesn't have fog lights.  Can i still install that one on my truck with no problems or should i just suck it up and pay the extra $30.  Thanks for any help on this one.

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Re: 2007 F-150 Headlight switch

I would stick to the model switch the truck was made with. There may be a difference in the plug and if you a fog lamp module so to avoid a costly mistake go with the switch the truck has already.

You can keep looking on Ebay for the switch, I have had luck sometimes where someone will always have it a little cheaper if you look long enough. If you need it now then go with what you have already,\.
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