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intermittent stall

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intermittent stall

I am again looking for help ! My 1998 nissan maxima is still stalling intermittently. I have replaced the knock sensor and fuel filter. It has been suggested to me that the air flow sensor could be the problem. How would I know this ? Any other suggestions ?



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Re: intermittent stall

The air flow sensor and crank shaft sensor are just two components that can cause stalling. A problem as simple as carbon on the throttle plate and idle air control motor can cause this problem. You could fix all of these and still have the stalling problem and a lot less money.

Intermittent stalling problems are very difficult to find. You would probably need to bring your car in to your local automotive professional and have them hook up a scanner to the computer.

With the scanner there is what they call a snap shot mode. This mode can record the engine data to exactly where the engine stalls and the mechanic can analyze each sensor to determine which ones is malfunctioning.

It can be a very expensive problem if you try to fix this problem with out the scanner with snap shot mode.
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