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rad support vin#

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rad support vin#

How do you read the vin# on the rad support and how can i match it to the vehicles vin..? I think it's been replaced due to an accident and want to know if it matches..?



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Re: rad support vin#

Vin databases can help you to determine if your car was in an accident, damaged by a flood, fire, major accident, manufacturer of buybacks of lemons and more.

The number should be on the radiator support either stamped in the metal or have a tag. If you don't see a number you can probably see a part number. You can go to your local Ford dealer and have them cross reference the number to see if it was a replacement part.

Increasingly, consumers are also using and on the Internet and to get a free check of the current status of the VIN and to determine whether their vehicle has recalled parts by checking their car manufacturer's web site.
The locations of vehicle identification numbers (VIN) vary but the following are the common places to find them:

Firewall of the vehicle
Radiator Support Bracket
Dash by windshield
Left hand inner wheel arch
Steering column
Guarantee & Maintenance Book
Machined Pad on front of engine
Drivers door or post on passenger side
Component parts as listed above -e.g.- engine, frame, etc.
Later model years most common locations of the VIN:
Left instrumentation panel
Dash plate by window
Drivers door or post
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