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Locks clicking on and off while driving

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Locks clicking on and off while driving

I have a 2001 Ford Windstar. When I’m driving my locks are constantly clicking. They sound like they are locking and unlocking. This happens at every bump also. The sound seems to be coming from behind me. What could this be?



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Re: Locks clicking on and off while driving

This sounds like it could be a loose or bad connection or even water intrusion that is causing the locks to operate when not commanded to operate.

It could be at the front electronic module (FEM), the rear electronic module (REM).

It could be related to the smart lock system where the lock won't lock when the key is left in the ignition. It could be a bad connection at the door key pad or a bad key pad itself.

The Ford dealer would have to first start by putting a scanner on the van to see if any trouble codes are stored on the computer memory. If any codes are set then they would have to be repaired first.

Sometimes you can go around the dash and under the seats to wiggle the wire harnesses to see if you can make the door locks operate with out touching the buttons.

It could be a wire that backed out of a connector, corrosion, a wire that has rubbed through to the metal body or it could even just a bad relay.

The bottom line is the system is very complicated and your mechanic would have to do the proper diagnostic tests to come up with the fix for the problem.
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Re: Locks clicking on and off while driving

Also try rocking each door. Including the sliding doors and rear hatch. It could be bad contact at a door switch or latch assembly.
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