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Blower Problems

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Blower Problems

Have replaced controls, resistor,, and blower motor and still no fan on any speed.  Wiring looks good and fuse is good.   Where next?  My Brother found a wiring diagram and will be checking for loss of ground from switch to body. any other suggestions would be appreciated.  Well that idea didn't work... any others? 2003 Sebring Sedan Vin X 2.4 L 4 cyl.  Paid 70 bucks for diagnostic and it is a break in the hot wire from 30 amp fuse to blower motor.  Wanted me to pay for 1-4 hours or so labor to track down break.  Bought wire and connectors myself and will run new connection from fuse to motor.

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Re: Blower Problems

I need the year and model of the Sebring. There is a lot of information out there and you need to be specific with the information you give me so I can help you better.
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