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Intermittent stalling

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Intermittent stalling

Hi, I have a 1998 Nissan Maxima GLE (73,000 miles) The car stalls intermittently, and restarts immediately.
The check engine light has recently come on. My mechanic says that there is a knock sensor fault that is causing the car to stall. I would like your opinion. Thank you



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Re: Intermittent stalling

If the knock sensor is bad it is possible for the engine to stall but other areas should be looked into first. The code should be fixed no matter what.

The knock sensor is designed to retard the engine spark timing when it detects an engine spark knock (detonation) so you don't hear that pinging in the engine when there is a load applied to the engine. If the sensor is malfunctioning it could retard the engine spark timing too much at the wrong time and stall the engine like when you come to a stop.

Simpler things should be looked into also like a dirty throttle plate. That is a service item that can be cleaned with a rag and throttle plate cleaner.

Have the code repaired first then go on from there.

If you need more assistance get back to us and we will look into the problem further.
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