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Fuel Mileage

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Fuel Mileage

2007 Dodge Charger SXT
3.5l automatic
Just over 60,000 Miles

As anyone who owns a charger knows, that we should get approximately 19 MPG in city. I have had this charger for just over a year. I have been monitoring the miles per gallon occasionally, just so I would know if something started to go wrong. The majority of the miles are city with some highway. It has been averaging between 19 and 20.

I decided to run some fuel system cleaner. First couple of tanks I dropped to just below 19. (I kind of expected that)
The claim was an increase of 2.3 to 5.7% increase. On the third fill up my miles per gallon jumped to 21.7.
Today I filled up and my MPG went down to 16.9. Very unusual.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?  Is this a fluke or am I starting to develop issues with this charger unrelated to fuel cleaner?



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Re: Fuel Mileage

Environmental change can affect engine conditions that can change MPG. Cold weather can change tire pressures which can change MPG totals.

Different brands of gas can possibly be different, did you fill up at the same station or was this a different station?

Driving habits, climate change, road conditions, and fuel changes as of  different stations or possible sensor malfunction could change MPG amounts.

Having a professional mechanic put a scanner on your car to check some of the sensors like the oxygen sensor, map sensor, baro sensor for a start to see if they are functioning properly.

Try these few suggestions and get back to me when you can with the results.
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