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Car stops after 7 miles and restarts 5 or 10 minutes

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Car stops after 7 miles and restarts 5 or 10 minutes

I have 2002 Dodge Neon 4 cylinder.  After about 7 miles the car just quits and after waiting for about 10 minutes it will start back up again and once down the road it will go another 7 miles and quit again and 10 minutes later it will start right back up.  we have changed the ignition coil, fuel pump and cleaned the fuel filter.  what do you think will be the problem.



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Re: Car stops after 7 miles and restarts 5 or 10 minutes

The first thing you need to check when the car stalls is check to see if you have a spark at the spark plugs when you crank the engine over. 

If you have spark and it won't start then you are looking at a fuel problem.

If you don't have spark then you have the possible problems in the crank sensor, cam sensor, automatic shutdown relay (ASD), power train control module (PCM), fuel pump relay and fuses in the power distribution center (PDC).

When car stalls check the fuses first, if the fuses are good then check the automatic shut down relay for power. If you have power coming out of the relay, then check the coil for power, also check for spark at each plug.

If you have sparks then you don't have to check these items, focus on a fuel problem.

Try these few suggestions and get back to me with your results. We can go on from there.
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