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97 taurus brakes

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97 taurus brakes

The brake problem I have is with a 1997 Ford Taurus GL wagon. The front passenger caliper was dragging and starting to grind, so I replaced the pads, passenger rotor and both front calipers.The drivers side had a tear in the piston boot. I also installed new slide pins and pad tension clips. We drove the car for a couple of days problem free until last night when the wife called and said she smelled something burning and pulled into the driveway with the front passenger side caliper glowing orange. What could be the problem. Please help.



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Re: 97 taurus brakes

The problem could be a collapsed flexible brake hose.

When the hose collapses from the inside it acts as a check valve causing the fluid to go into the caliper but will not let it return to the master cylinder. This causes the caliper to be applied all the time.

Changing the flexible brake hose will probably resolve the problem. 

To avoid any other problems like a brake pull to one side, change the hoses on both sides.
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