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Both front blinkers inop

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Both front blinkers inop

I have a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Both front blinkers are inop and rear blinker flash fast as if there is a bulb burned out, all bulbs and sockets are new. The flashers do not work on the front either. I am leaning toward a Multifunction switch or a Daytime running light control module? Has anybody seen anyone of the be the cause of the problem?



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Re: Both front blinkers inop

It sounds like you're on the right track. If you don't have voltage coming from the multifunction switch to the flasher then it is probably a bad switch.

I have a description of the front light and hazard operation from the Alldata information site. I hope this helps.

Turn Lamps
With the ignition switch in the on or start position, voltage is applied from the TURN SIGNAL CORN LPS fuse to the normally closed pole of the hazard warning switch through circuit 539, which feeds the turn signal switch through circuit 16. Current flow heats the timing element in the hazard warning switch and continuously opens and closes the circuit. When the turn signal switch is in the turn left position, voltage is applied to the turn signal switch circuit 1414 at terminal C of connector C201. Voltage flows through circuit 1414 to the instrument cluster for the left turn telltale lamp, LR turn signal switch and the DRL control module. The DRL control module applies the voltage through circuit 14 to the underhood accessory wiring junction block to the LF turn signal lamp. The RH turn signal works the same way through circuit 1415 and circuit 15.

Hazard Lamps
Voltage is applied at all times from HAZARD fuse to the normally open poles of the hazard warning switch through circuit 1840. With the hazard warning switch in HAZARD, current flow heats the timing element in the hazard warning switch, and it continuously opens and closes circuit 1414 and circuit 1415 to all the turn lamps and both turn telltale lamps. All of the turn lamps and both turn telltale lamps flash on and off.

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