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HELP! Won't Start After Cleaning CD Player

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HELP! Won't Start After Cleaning CD Player

'94 Park Avenue 3.8

Attempted to clean heads (with cleaner disc) in my 10 CD player, then tried to start radio/player by turning on ignition car would not start. When I turned on ignition (even placing key in it) there is a repetitive 'bell' tone sound. No power for power seats, power windows, no radio, no ignition.

Trunk motor works.  Front seat map lights works.

Check initial fuses under dash for radio/ignition which seemed OK. Has 'Maxi Fuses under hood, but I don't know how to tell if they are good or bad.

NEW Alternator! NEW Battery!

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.



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Re: HELP! Won't Start After Cleaning CD Player

Make sure the car is in park. Shift to drive then to park to ensure the gear selector is in park.

You could have a faulty neutral safety switch, and or ignition switch. If you still have trouble put the gear selector into neutral to see if it will start.

If it still doesn't start check all fuses with a test light. Check under hood fuse box for other fuses.  Check fuse #7 blue 60 amp this is for the ignition/accessory power.

Get back to me with your results when you can. We can go on from there.

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