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blow out tire

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blow out tire

i got into an accident, my tire blew out and I was wondering will they be able to tell what caused this or if it was caused before or after accident.Im almost certain it was before because I wasn't speeding out of control or anything and the way the car was pulling to one side and shaking when i tried to gain control. I was under the impression that I should have heard the tire blow but i don't remember hearing anything. I would hate to find out it was after the accident and everything was my fault and not the tire



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Re: blow out tire

A tire will usually pick up a nail or other sharp objects while you drive and will go flat slowly not blow out. It sounds like you might have had a slow leak and lost air while the car was parked or while you were driving.

The pulling and vibration should have been a good enough warning to pull over and see if there was a problem.

Taking the tire to an automotive professional to have it inspected might give you more information on what happened.
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