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Cranks but won't start

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Cranks but won't start

My son has a 1995 Grand Am, he drove it to our house that was the last time it ran. We found a leaking fuel line, replaced it, replaced fuel pump.  After cranking , pulled the spark plugs they were soaked.  Replaced spark plugs with new ones still nothing. Checked fuses all ok opened air cleaner gave a shot of either still nothing.



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Re: Cranks but won't start

It sounds like there is no spark to the spark plugs.

Check for trouble codes in the computer memory. Fix all codes that may come up.

The most common part to go bad for a no spark condition is a bad crank sensor especially if the car has high mileage and it has never been changed. Don't change it without checking it out first.

There are other components that can cause a no start condition like a faulty cam sensor, ignition module, and faulty secondary ignition like spark plug wires, or PCM (Power train control module).

Check fuel pressure, if the fuel pressure regulator is faulty it can cause a flooding condition causing a no start.Fuel pressure should be between 41 to 47 PSI. 

Check these suggestions out and get back to me with your results; we can go on from there.

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