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electrical dash issue

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electrical dash issue

2ooo alero 2.4liter

i started my car, as i started driving, the service engine light, traction control, abs light came on, i turned my car off, then turned it back on. and it was fine.  it has happened two days n a row,  my turn signals, dont work sometimes, and the traction control light just comes on sometimes, i think the plug mite be loose or something, are all these running from the same electrical outsource



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Re: electrical dash issue

Check the bulk head plug going into the vehicle making sure it is clear of any contamination or corrosion.

Check body grounds to make sure they are clean and tight.

It may be hard to find but if you keep the car running and start wiggling the wire harness going into the body and fuse panels you may be able to find the area the loose connection is in.

Start at the ignition switch under the dash and start wiggling the harnesses, it may be a faulty ignition switch. When you find the problem the lights will flicker on the dash.

Let us know how you make out. We will be glad to help you further if you need information.

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