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Fuel line hassle

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Fuel line hassle

I just changed the fuel filter on a 2000 caravan 3.0, now the quick disconnect fuel lines wont stay together. Any ideas?



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Re: Fuel line hassle

Make sure the white clip on the metal hose is not broken or missing, you may have to go the dealer to get a new one if it is available.

CAUTION: Never install a quick-connect fitting without the retainer being either on the fuel tube or already in the quick-connect fitting. In either case, ensure the retainer locks securely into the quick-connect fitting by firmly pulling on fuel tube and fitting to ensure it is secured.

Using a clean lint free cloth; clean the fuel tube nipple and retainer.
Prior to connecting the fitting to the fuel tube, coat the fuel tube nipple with clean 30 weight engine oil.

Push the quick-connect fitting over the fuel tube until the retainer seats until a click is heard.

The plastic quick-connect fitting has windows in the sides of the casing. When the fitting completely attaches to the fuel tube, the retainer locking ears and the fuel tube shoulder are visible in the windows. If they are not visible, the retainer was not properly installed.

Do not rely upon the audible click to confirm a secure connection.

CAUTION: When using the ASD Fuel System Test, the Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay remains energized for several minutes, until the test is stopped, or until the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position.

Use the DRB scan tool ASD Fuel System Test to pressurize the fuel system. Check for leaks.

Some of this information is from the Alldata information site.

Try these suggestions. If you need more help get back to us and we will goon from there.
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