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ECU location for my pickup

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ECU location for my pickup

Hello I am trying to locate the ECU for my alarm system on my 1992 Toyota pickup, 3.0 v6 king cab 4x4. I have purchased a new remote for the security system and need to reset the module to program the new remote. I have been told it is under the driver side seat? I did not find it there, is it possible I need to remove the seat and the carpet to locate this or is it in my dash board some where? I have the owners manual but it does not show it and I cannot start my pickup with out doing this as the remote I had has been destroyed and it is stuck in the lock position mode of the alarm. Please any help you can give me would be deeply appreciated as I am a single female and live far away from my family for work.
Thank you in advance. Vicki



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Re: ECU location for my pickup

The ECM is located behind the R/F (Passenger side panel) Kick pad.

Remove the passenger kick pad and the ECM is behind it.
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