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The heater/defrost on my '07 Stratus cools back down when I stop or slow down.  It heats up as engine does normally but immediately cools back down when I stop or slow down considerably.  I am inept mechanically so apologize, but would like help.  Thanks,



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Re: Heating

This problem could be caused by a few components. You have a heater core, a blend door that mixes the hot air and cold air to get the comfortable temperature you want inside the car and heater hoses.

It could be a stuck thermostat that is stuck in the partially open position. This would not allow the engine to warm up properly and could cause the coolant not to heat up properly. When you step on the gas with a stuck thermostat in the partially open state, it will continually keep the coolant flowing through the engine and not allowing it to heat up to its proper temperature. Accelerating the engine will force cooler coolant into the engine  causing the temperature to change constantly.

The heater core could be partially clogged or may have a collapsed hose or restriction in the heater core hose system.

Another area that could cause a problem is the cooling system could be air bound and needs to be bled out.

The last item could an improperly adjusted blend door in the A/C system or poor electrical connection in the blend door circuit.

These items can be checked out by your local Dodge dealer. A professional mechanic at the dealer can use a computer scanner to help diagnosis electrical problem that the car may have and properly and make the correct repairs as needed.
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