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Steering Problems

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Steering Problems

What are problems with 2012 Sonatas steering (causes pulls to right or left)?  This has been discussed by owners of 2011 and 2012 Sonatas on various web sites.



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Re: Steering Problems

There is a service bulletin on this condition. It goes under the number 11-55-001-1 dated April 2011.

It states the proper procedure using the Hunter Alignment Machine GSP 9700.

Steering pull can be caused by improper tire pressure, a bad belt in a tire, bent front end parts, steering angles improperly set, road crown and road conditions and seizing brake caliper. 

If your Hyundai dealer confirms the steering pull it should be under warranty. Be sure to pick a dealer that has the Hunter Wheel Alignment machine GSP 9700 for proper diagnosis.
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