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Runs rough when temp outside gets 40 or below

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Runs rough when temp outside gets 40 or below

OK 94 Blazer runs great in the summer time as soon as the temp outside starts getting below 40 degrees its hard to start and when it does start you can rev it. But as soon as you put it in gear and try to drive it spits and sputters and will not go.



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Re: Runs rough when temp outside gets 40 or below

The coolant temperature sensor for the computer needs to be checked out because the sensor tells the computer how much fuel to be calculated for delivery when the temperature gets colder. The colder it gets the more fuel is needed to start and run the engine.

The sensor could be at a fixed temperature which will tell the computer to deliver the incorrect amount of fuel to run at colder temperatures; which means it is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Using a scan tool to scan the computer data will help confirm this diagnosis.
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