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Engine Issues

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Engine Issues

Car won't start, when I turn the ignition it doesn't attempt to turn over it makes a whining noise. What could be the problem and could I fix this myself?
As a side note I was able to start and make the engine run when doing a rolling start and popping the clutch, the car would shut off and start back up after I did that but that only lasted two days and am not sure if it isn't something loose or if it is something permanently wrong/needs replacement.

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Re: Engine Issues

It's one of two things, the clutch on the starter drive is going bad, or you have a worn spot on the flywheel.

The best way to fix the starter is to by a rebuilt or new starter. While the starter is out manually turn the engine over and inspect the teeth on the flywheel.

If the teeth are worn on 4 to 5 teeth then the flywheel needs to be replaced.

If things look good it will only be the starter.
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