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Trans. shifting way too late

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Trans. shifting way too late

1994 Gr.Prix  trans hesitating terribly but not every time.  could it be stuck throttle valve or bad ground connection to shift solenoids?  I believe engine is a 3.4



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Re: Trans. shifting way too late

If you can get a scanner to see if any trouble codes are stored in the computers (PCM) memory this would be helpful. Repair any trouble codes that may be stored in the computer memory.

If there are not any trouble codes stored then there are two service bulletins on a 1-2 harsh shift condition and harsh shift conditions is all gears.

The service bulletins are 477102 dated 3-1-1994 and 577104 dated 2-1-1995. They both state that there are issues in the 1-2 accumulator piston assembly and problems in the accumulator valve assemblies in the control valve bodies.

You can get the full detailed service bulletins at ALLDATAdiy.com.

The throttle valve could give you this kind of problem if there were metal filings trapped in the bore of the throttle valve jamming the valve intermittently. Dirt or metal could also cause the same kind of problem in the governor valve assembly.

A bad ground or faulty solenoid will probably show up on a scanner when used on a road test. You could check all the body grounds and connections at the transmission to be sure there is not any corrosion or loose connections.

If you are not familiar with the workings of a transmission then you would be better off going to a well known transmission shop or local professional mechanic who is certified in transmissions and have them check these service bulletins to see if they apply to your problem.

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