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Engine shuts off at 210 degrees

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# 1  10/13/2011 12:17 AM

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Engine shuts off at 210 degrees

We bought a 1968 Camaro SS at auction a year ago.  The previous owner had just put in a new crate 350 engine in the car.  Problem is that when the temp reaches 210, the engine will shut off.  We have to wait until the temp gets below 190 to start the car again.  If we sit through two red lights, we are dead in the water. 

What is making the engine shut off at 210 degrees?  Is this a setting that we can shut off somewhere?

We have changed the thermostat, cleaned the radiator and added new antifreeze. What should we do?

BTW, this perplexes any mechanic we have spoken to about this.



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Re: Engine shuts off at 210 degrees

I need to know a few things first.

Is the engine carbureted or fuel injected?

Does the car have an electric fan or is it a clutch fan type or direct fan set up?

When the engine won't start do you still have spark at the spark plugs?

If it is carbureted, when the engine won't start can you see gas squirt in the throat of the carburetor when you pump the throttle?

Get back to me when you can with the answer to these questions and any additional information about the accessories that may have been added to the vehicle that could affect this kind of problem to the engine.
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Re: Engine shuts off at 210 degrees

Right, the temperature is probably just triggering a fault in fuel delivery or spark. If the engine was actually hot enough to shutdown (seize), it would be boiling over long before it got to that point -- unless, of course, there's no coolant.

Like TechHelp2 said, check for fuel and spark when the engine is hot, cranking, and won't start. And give us more detailed information about the fuel/ignition setup so we can help you further.
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