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all new parts and no spark

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all new parts and no spark

We have a 1991 Honda Civic LX with the 1.5 engine.  The battery blew up in it last week and we've replaced the battery and then it died.  Since then we've replaced the starter, alternator, coil, rotor, cap, ignitor, ecm, spark plugs and wires and we still can't get spark.  I've watched several things that have shown all the above as possible problems.  Now that I've invested more than the car is worth, I would really like to keep it and use it.  Any ideas on what I've either done wrong or what else it could be, I would sure appreciate it.  My son is going to UTI, but he's just started so he doesn't have the answers yet either. 

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Re: all new parts and no spark

Not sure why you replaced all of the electrical components?

Did you check out all the fuses in the under the dash fuse box?

Some of the parts you didn't check out were the crank sensor and the TDC (top dead center) sensor.

When a crank sensor is faulty; there will be no spark or fuel injector pulse.

If these suggestions don't work then we will diagnosis the problem further.

Get back to me when you can with your results.
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Re: all new parts and no spark

Also, remove the distributor cap and be sure the rotor is turning while cranking the engine -- could be a seized distributor and/or damaged timing belt.
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