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Ram shock replacement

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Ram shock replacement

My 2005 Ram 2500 4x4 quad cab 5.9 diesel is right at 99,921 miles.  I am doing all recommended service, but cannot figure out when to replace the shocks (front and rear).  I have used the truck to tow a 32' 5th wheel trailer for about 25,000 miles since buying it new.  How do I check the shocks for wear or should I just replace them due to age and miles.  Pushing it up and down is not working, because I cannot push down hard enough!  Tires replaced at 55,000 and rotated every 5-6 thousand miles with no odd wear.  The truck is stock - no lifts, oversize tires, etc.  I love the truck and take really good care of it.  Do I change the shocks or wait till something breaks.  I'm long retired and can't take too many chances with a breakdown out of town.

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Re: Ram shock replacement

Shocks are usually very reliable and hardly need changing.

One sure way to spot a bad shock is when oil leaks out of the top of the shock absorber.

Replacement is done when damage is done to the shock or for leaking oil.

If you feel that you want to change the shock for a maintenance item and you feel safe and secure changing the shocks, then by all means change them.

But if they leak oil, are bent or broken, or the truck just feels like it bounces too much over bumps then change them for the necessity of safety.

They have a variety of shocks out there for trucks that pull trailers. There are air shocks, shocks with helper springs, shocks filled with nitrogen for better response on the road and also the regular stock shock absorber.

Your local garage or local auto parts store can help you decide which shock is better for  you and your truck according to how you use of the truck.
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