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won't start

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won't start

I was driving my truck up a steep grade on the freeway. Everything seemed fine, then as I got to the top. I hear a loud pop and lost all power. As I inspected the engine. I notice that the wire from the coil popped off ( which goes to the distributor cap). I was able to drive, but it would backfire if I accelerated to much. When I got off the freeway. It Stalled, and now I can't get it started. I replaced the distributor and rotor and wires. I've got a spark and its getting gas. But it will not start.



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Re: won't start

Check the spark at the spark plugs. You have spark at the coil; it could be arcing to ground at the coil tower before it can get to the rotor to be distributed to the plugs.

If you have a scanner check for trouble codes that may be stored in the computer memory. Repair any codes that come up.

If this all checks out, do a compression test. If the compression test shows low readings at all of the cylinders then it may be a timing chain that slipped a few teeth.

A clogged catalytic converter could cause symptoms like the ones you are having. If it can't start then remove the oxygen sensor, this will allow back pressure to escape and the engine may be able to start.

These are a few suggestions that you can look into. Any one of these could cause your problem.

If none of these suggestions work, get back to me with more detailed information about your vehicle and all of the diagnostic procedures you may have done. The more information you give me the better answers I can give your.

Get back to when you can.
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