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Engine running condition

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Engine running condition

1999 Nissan Sentra.  1.6 engine.  Intermittent hesitation,  almost like engine cutting out.  Usually after 10-15 minutes drive time.  No SES light or codes.  Does use some oil,  light smoking when hesitating.  New plugs, wire, cap and rotor,  did have valve cover oil leak,  has been repaired.  Waiting to get correct adapter to check fuel pressure,  believe this may be fuel related.  Have TSBs from Nissan about distributor rotor problem,  need to check this also.  Any ideas or similar problems out there?



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Re: Engine running condition

Don't do anything until you check the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, fuel filter clogged are bad you will have a fuel pressure problem which can cause a rich fuel or lean condition that can cause a hesitation.

The rotor bulletin is an updated rotor with a set screw in it to secure the rotor.

There is also a service bulletin on the EVAP charcoal canister which gets full of fuel and could cause smoke, rich condition and hesitation. The whole canister has to be changed and hoses need to be cleaned out or replaced.

Having someone put a scanner on the car they can watch certain functions like fuel injectors duty cycle, EGR function, purge valve function, fuel pump operation, TPS voltage and the list goes on.

Any one of these functions can cause a hesitation and smoke. If you don't have one available then you can pay a fee at your local dealer or garage to have them scan the vehicle and see if they can locate any malfunction in these areas.
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