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Lowering Blocks, factory equipment?

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Lowering Blocks, factory equipment?

I have a 1957 Pontiac Custom Safari 2-door station wagon. When I purchased it, the vehicle appeared to have been lowered both front and rear. I raised the front end using coil spring spacers. I originally thought a coil had been removed but now believe the springs may have been heated because the coil spaces were so close together that I had a hard time getting the spacers inserted. They are the type that are put in the space and then turned with a 1/2" drive socket wrench to widen the coil spring gap. As to raising the back of the car, there were 1 & 1/2" blocks between the leaf spring and the axle which I removed. The blocks had a 5/16-24 bolt through them that is long enough to go through a hole in the leaf spring assembly to install a nut on the bottom. The head of the bolt is a 1/2" diameter round, which pilots in the mounting pad on the axle. No internal allen hex in the round, pilot bolt head to hold it when removing the nut in order to disengage it from the spring! I had to use vise grips on the round head to keep it from turning in order to remove the nut. The rear shocks had been replaced with air shocks which I've replaced with coil-over, helper shocks. These were extremely difficult to compress enough using spring compressors and a pry bar in order to install them on the lower mounting bolt. My question is that, due to the above described mounting bolt through the 1 & 1/2" blocks and the difficulty in installing the shock absorbers, I'm wondering if the
1 & 1/2" spacers were factory installed. If anyone has a '57 Pontiac to look at the rear spring mountings, I'd like to hear from them to know if there are spacers between the axle and spring. Most likely '55-'58 would be the same. Thanks, Scott



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Re: Lowering Blocks, factory equipment?

To my recollection spacers were only sold for a spring if it was weak or sagging.

I found a website that actually lists the parts for your car, and it shows pictures of the parts. I hope it helps.

This is the website,  http://www.pontiacsafari.com/

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