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slipping transmission

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slipping transmission

I own a 1995 dodge ram1500, it has the 318 engine and when it is cold the transmission wants to slip. We can be sitting still or going very slow and it wants to go out of drive. This only started happening about a week ago. Also, when it is cold it wants to shut off, in gear or in park, it just dies. Please, if anyone has any idea whats causing this, PLEASE email me @ ?!?



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Re: slipping transmission

How many miles are on your truck?

Did you check the fluid level in the transmission?

When was the last transmission service done on your truck?

The stalling could be carbon clogging the throttle plate and the idle air control motor. Cleaning the throttle plate could possibly cure the stalling.

Remove the air cleaner and breathing tubes to get to the throttle plate. You can use a throttle plate cleaner or carburetor cleaner to clean the area, just spray the plate and rag and wipe all the black carbon from the throttle plate area. Remove the idle air control motor and clean it the best you can. You may have to replace the idle air control motor because it may be too slow to respond causing the stalling.

If you need more assistance you can back to me and I will try to diagnosis the problem further. The more detailed information you send me the better I can help you.
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