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No Start.

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No Start.

I have a 1996 Ford Contour Gl. It has the 2.0 engine and its a manual. She will crank over but she wont start. We have fuel to the engine and we have spark. We tested the injectors and they have constant power to them. are they supposed to have constant power to them or no? We also checked the fuel pump and sending unit they are both working.



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Re: No Start.

The fuel injectors should have a pulsing signal when the engine is cranking. To check this you would need a noid light that plugs into the fuel injector plug.

When cranking the engine the noid light will pulse when cranking, if it is a solid light when cranking then the injectors are not getting a signal to squirt fuel into the cylinder or are shorted to ground keeping the injectors open flooding the engine.

A noid light can be purchased at your local Auto Zone or sears stores.

You said you have spark so this is confusing because if the crank sensor was bad you wouldn't have spark or injector pulse. A scanner would be able to check this.

If you can get someone to put a scanner or code reader on your car it could tell you if there are any trouble codes stored in the computer memory. If any codes are stored then you need to repair them first.

Pull the plugs out and see if they are fuel soaked. If they are then you may want to do a compression test.

How many miles are on the car?

The service on the timing belt is about 100,000 miles, it could be 60,000 miles. I'm not sure of this number so check your owner's manual to be sure.

If you have low compression then it is possible the timing belt slipped a few teeth.

Get back to me when you can with the results and we can go on from there.
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