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At a standstill?

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# 1  8/27/2011 4:45 AM

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At a standstill?

My 1997 Saturn SL1 runs great. Just had to replace my timing pulley and belt but my temp and battery lights are flashing? What could that be?



# 2  8/27/2011 2:19 PM

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Re: At a standstill?

Did this happen immediately after the belt was put on?

You would need to have someone put a scanner on the vehicle to monitor the two gauge lights. The scanner can monitor the charging and temperature readings and would be able to tell if the problem is in those systems or wiring or sensor problems.

In the mean time; check the plugs on the sensors making sure they are in place and secure and make sure they are not interchangeable.

Check all the engine grounds making sure they are attached and secure.

If you need more assistance get back to us with as much information you can so we can help you better.
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