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1995 RAM pu 1500 in-tank fuel filter

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1995 RAM pu 1500 in-tank fuel filter

We had to replace the fuel filter in the tank and the replacement came with O-rings that we are not sure were they go... We need a diagram  please



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Re: 1995 RAM pu 1500 in-tank fuel filter

I'M having difficulty downloading pictures, but I listed the proper procedure listed in the Alldata information website.

If you need the diagrams, you can get them at

NOTE: On this engine the fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator are one combined part.

WARNING: The fuel system is under constant pressure, even when the engine is OFF. Always release fuel pressure before servicing any fuel system component.

1.Release fuel system pressure.
2.Disconnect negative battery cable.
3.Raise and support vehicle.
4.Drain fuel tank and remove tank.
5.The fuel filter/regulator assembly is pressed into a rubber grommet. Remove by twisting and pulling strait up.

CAUTION: Do not pull filter/regulator more than three inches from fuel pump module. Damage to coiled fuel tube may result.

6.Remove snap ring retaining the tube cover to filter/regulator. Slide the plastic tube down to clear fuel tube clamp.

7.Gently cut fuel tube clamp, take care not to damage plastic fuel tube. Discard old clamp.
8.Remove fuel tube from filter/regulator by pulling downward. Remove filter/regulator from fuel pump module.

1.Install new clamp over plastic fuel tube.
2.Install fuel tube on filter/regulator. Rotate filter/regulator until it is in the 10 O'clock position.
3.Tighten clamp using special hose clamp pliers number C-4124 or equivalent.
4.Slide plastic fuel tube cover to bottom of filter/regulator and install snap ring.
5.Press the filter/regulator (by hand) into the rubber grommet. Rotate filter/regulator until it is in the 10 o'clock position.
6.Install fuel tank.
7.Lower vehicle.
8.Connect battery cable.
9.Using the DRB II or scan tool, select the Automatic Shut Down (ASD) Fuel System Test to pressurize fuel system and check for leaks.

NOTE: ASD and fuel pump relays remain energized for 7 minutes during the following test, unless the test is stopped or the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position.
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