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Bad Alarm System?

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# 1  8/11/2011 6:26 PM

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Bad Alarm System?

My Ford Explorer 1998's Alarm System  would engage when I closed the driver's door even without pressing the key lock.  Now it is not doing it, but now my battery keeps dieing, it will start when I jump it as soon as I hook up the cables. I have put two new batteries in, but when I do they die too. I have had the car running and disconnected the battery and the call still runs. Is it the alarm that killing the batteries? If so how do I disconnect the alarm?



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Re: Bad Alarm System?

You have to attach an ammeter to see the excessive amount of parasitic draw, then disconnect likely systems (pull fuses/breakers/relays) one-at-a time until the draw stops. In your case, the best place to start would be the alarm system.

But you really need the right schematic and know-how before going any further.
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