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Need to replace seat - out of ideas

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Need to replace seat - out of ideas

I'm looking for a replacement drivers side seat for a 1996 Chevy Cavalier (4 door, since I'm under the impression that might make a big difference). I don't want a racing seat, as I have to work within a tight budget and am a tall and large framed individual with very broad shoulders anyway. I've had no luck with salvage yards, dealerships or the internet so far. Do you have any recommendations or ideas? Or, do you know if any other makes/models/years share the same specs and would work as well?  Before ordering anything online, I want to be POSITIVE that it will fit.

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Re: Need to replace seat - out of ideas

What's wrong with the seat? There are plenty of auto upholstery shops that can replace the cushions and covers, and seat tracks can sometimes be repaired.
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