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loss of power to all 4 power ports

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loss of power to all 4 power ports

2010 Chevy Silverado LT Extended Cab.  I recently lost the power to all 4 power ports in my truck.  They didn't all go at once, but over the course of about 5 days.  I have checked, and re-checked all the fuses (cab and engine department).  What is my next step?



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Re: loss of power to all 4 power ports

The wiring schematic at is showing 5 accessory power outlets (may vary by model). Power is coming from Fuse 53 (underhood fuse block) and Fuses 2 and 16 in the instrument panel fuse block.

But they all share a common ground point at G200. It's located "under the right front instrument panel defroster deflector, near the right A-pillar".

Check each power outlet for 12 volts and a good ground. Then trace the circuits in the direction of the one missing. If there's no ground, find G200 and be sure it's clean and tight.

2010 model? If you're still under warranty, by all means get it to Chevy service.
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