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Pontiac 2004 Grand Am overheating

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Pontiac 2004 Grand Am overheating

I keep putting water in the reservoir because it low most of the time. I do not see any water leaking. Today I got a block from the house and the temperature gauge quickly rose. And I added water yesterday.



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Re: Pontiac 2004 Grand Am overheating

Your car may have a leak internally like a head gasket or cracked head. Check the passenger side front seat, make sure the floor is dry if the heater core is leaking the floor will be wet with antifreeze.

There is a dye you can put into the cooling system and drive the car for awhile. Use the UV light (ultra violet) to see if you can spot any small leaks.

Pressurize the cooling system and then take out the spark plugs. After a few minutes crank the engine over; if coolant sprays out of any spark plug hole that is the area of the leak, most likely a head gasket.

If you don't do your own work then your local automotive professional is your best option for this kind of repair.

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