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sonoma shut down

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sonoma shut down

my 1997 gmc sonoma is completely shut down, the key is stuck in the ignition and wont turn back past the middle, but will turn forward. The truck is in park and has absolutely no power. Recently to start the truck i have had to press the button to deactivate my aftermarket alarm that is located under my steering wheel. now it wont do anything the steering wheel is also loose, not locked. i have disconnected and reconnected my battery.



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Re: sonoma shut down

The key cylinder needs to be replaced first before any more diagnosis can be done. The tumblers inside of the key switch are jammed up and are not allowing the key to move properly and there for not allowing the ignition switch to move to the proper position to get power to the vehicle.

Once the key is working properly then you can go on from there.

In most cased this may be the main cause of all your problems at this time.
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