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1997 Grand Am - warning lights go "on" and "off"

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1997 Grand Am - warning lights go "on" and "off"

Just this weekend, we were driving our Grand Am from Nebraska to Bismarck ND.  The seatbelt light came on while driving, yet the seatbelt was securely fastened.  Then the airbag light came on.  These two lights never went off after this.  After about 50 miles, all of the warning lights came on.  At the same time, the temperature gauge and the RPM gauge dropped to zero.  However, the car didn't miss a beat.  We kept driving.  The warning lights only stayed on for a few minutes.  After they turned off, the gauges went back to normal.

This pattern continued throughout the rest of the trip of 680 miles.  Now when we drive it in town, the seatbelt and airbag light are on, but none of the other warning lights are on, nor do they come on.

We checked all of the fuses, and there was only one burned out and that one is for the lighter.

Could this be a fuse, chip, module or computer issue?  I'm assuming it is electrical.  We're trying to determine the best place to go for this.

Any guidance here would help.

Thank you.



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Re: 1997 Grand Am - warning lights go "on" and "off"

The best place to bring your car would be a GM dealer. They know the car better than anybody.

It sounds like it could be a bad ground issue, intermittent connection or faulty instrument cluster.

The dealer will scan the computer to check the air bag system to see if any trouble codes are stored in the computer memory.

It is usually a faulty sensor. The scanner will help the mechanic check the system for proper operation.

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