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Fuel Injection!!!

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Fuel Injection!!!

My Lumina ran out of gas cuz the gauge was messed up. I put 3 gallons of fuel in it. I have tried to start it but no fuel is getting thru. I was told to unhook the positive cable so it would reset, but still nothing after cable was rehooked. Can you please give me some idea of how to get my car started again, thnx.



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Re: Fuel Injection!!!

Can't just guess. Gotta start with the basics by checking for a strong spark, and correct fuel pressure.

It's possible you didn't run out of gas, and something just failed.

You can remove the gas cap and listen inside the fuel tank while someone else turns the ignition to "ON". You should hear the fuel pump run for about 2 seconds. If you don't hear anything, check for power and ground at the connector at the pump while turning the ignition to "On".

Good power and ground, but no noise, tells us you need a pump.

Missing power or ground means you have to trace the circuits back and find the cause.

If the pump does run, it could still be bad, but requires a fuel pressure gauge to test and be sure there's inadequate pressure.

Hope that helps.
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