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electrical vs battery

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electrical vs battery

2004 VW Cabrio.  Have always been told not to use this vehicle to jump start another, especially a larger truck.  After a friend had done just that, I started having electrical problems.  Windows would go down without the vehicle being on.  Alarm would sound.  Doors would lock and unlock. Eventually the passenger window burnt out.  I figured it was due to the motor continuing to run.  My question is - did this problem all start with the battery.  After the battery was used to jump start the truck, I had to recharge it twice.



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Re: electrical vs battery

It is very possible this could be all related. The electrical system is very sensitive on some cars; when you jump a truck that has a larger battery and needs a lot more amps then the typical car then this could over load your electrical system causing glitches in your computer system. It might even cause a operating defect in the charging system circuit.

Try getting someone to scan the computer system to see if there are any trouble codes stored in the computer system. Repair any trouble codes that may come up.

Sometimes if you disconnect the battery for about an hour, this can reset the vehicles computers to the status it was before the problem started.

Before you do; make sure you have the radio security code and any other codes you may need for any device connected to the vehicles battery. When you disconnect the battery all codes in computer memories will be erased like the memory seats, radio security codes and so on.

Reconnect the battery cables to a fully charged battery and see if it electrical problems went away. Sometimes this works and other times it would have to go to the VW dealer where the mechanics familiar with the vehicle can properly diagnosis the electrical problems.
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