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Clicking sound when turning key

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Clicking sound when turning key

My 2006 Lotus Elise made a clicking sound when trying to start this morning. I have power (lights, radio, etc.). Does this sound like a battery issue? Starter? Thanks



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Re: Clicking sound when turning key

The clicking sound is it a click or constant clicking?

Constant clicking is usually a sign of a dead battery.

One hard click would indicate a starter malfunction. If the click occurs and the lights don't dim the starter motor is usually the problem.

Before doing anything, check the battery connections for corrosion or being loose. Charge the battery for a few hours and then load test the battery. If you don't have a load tester, Auto Zone will probably do it for free. Check to be sure they still do that service.

If the problem is not the battery then the starter motor is probably at fault.

When the motor starts; check the charging system for proper operation to be sure.

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