Volkswagen Tiguan:

Locked car, dead battery

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Locked car, dead battery

2011 Tiguan, 2.0 T 4 motion: Car locked, battery dead, how do I open the hood to charge or replace the battery?



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Re: Locked car, dead battery

You do have a key on the remote also to open the door don't you?

Open the door manually and pull the hood latch to open the hood. If you don't know where the hood latch is, get your owners manual and it will tell you the location of the handle to open the hood and it should also have a section on how to jump the vehicle properly.

There are some issues on a dead battery condition on your car. Have your local Volkswagen Dealer check out the battery and the charging system and to also check to see if the car is having an excessive draw on the battery causing it to go dead.
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