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Truck wont start, does not make any noises

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Truck wont start, does not make any noises

Dakota 98', 2.5 L, 4 cyl, 2 WD, I've tried to start the truck turn key on and nothing happens, lights are OK alternator and battery are not that old only 2 to 3 years max, rebuild computer same time, when I push the truck it starts and runs good it does not stall or looses power, I've hit the starter a couple of times to see if stuck tried to start again and nothing, I'm kind of confused because I don't hear any noises, not even the click that usually comes when the battery is low, could be the starter that is burned or the ignition coil or what? I don't know much about mechanics or electrical problems on cars or trucks just life experience and truck repair manual, I love my old truck and I like to do the repairs myself, can anybody help me with this please!
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Re: Truck wont start, does not make any noises

Check the starter wiring for any loose connections or corroded cables.

With someone helping you apply the emergency brake for safety, push in the clutch and turn the key to start. Check the small wire on the starter solenoid for voltage.

If there is no voltage check the following.

Make sure the clutch pedal switch is operating properly when engaged.

A clutch pedal position switch has been added to the starter circuit. The switch, which is in circuit with the starter solenoid, requires that the clutch pedal be fully depressed in order to start the engine. The switch is located on the clutch master cylinder push rod.

The starter relay if faulty will not supply voltage to the small wire on the solenoid to engage the starter.

The starter relay is located in the Power Distribution Center (PDC) , in the engine compartment. Refer to the PDC label for relay identification and location.

If you have voltage at the starter solenoid when you turn the key to the start position and clutch engaged, then the starter is probably bad.

Check these suggestions and let me know how you made out when you get a chance.

I will be glad to help you if you need more assistance.
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