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Galaxy LX TDI 2001 - Loss of power - ECU Nightmare

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Galaxy LX TDI 2001 - Loss of power - ECU Nightmare

Recently my car has been completely losing power and an a figure of eight error light has been permanently displaying, when I checked the car manual it suggests that they is an “Engine Management System  fault, therefore took it to a local mechanic.  They suggested that it might be a fused that needed replacing which I did however the lack of power continued to get worse. 
I decided to take to another local mechanic for a second opinion they advised they would to a full diagnostic computer for £47 which I paid however no fault was showing – they then said that they would keep car overnight to do further cheeks.  The next day the called and advised that they had to hire another computer system to do a further diagnostic cheek which was going to cost me a further £20 and this time the following faults appeared:-

P1570 – 17978 – Control Module (ECU) Locked
P1639 – 18047 – ECU Problems/Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1+2 Range Performance 
The Mechanic advised that they were unable to fix problem and that I needed to go to a specialist and proceed to give me a contact number, but advised it could cost me anything between £300 to £1000.  I called the specialist and advised the fault codes looking for them to quote me for the repairs, however they advised they also needed to a further diagnostic cheek which would cost me £75 before they could provide me with a quote!
Really need some advice as I have no idea about cars what-so-ever and I don’t want to keep paying out for cheeks that are not require.

Any help would be very welcome.



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Re: Galaxy LX TDI 2001 - Loss of power - ECU Nightmare

Sometimes problems like this can not be explained, electronics can cause havoc on the computer system and drive the mechanic crazy.

The rule of thumb is when you have multiple codes stored, you need to clear the codes and see if the codes reappear.

Another way is to disconnect the battery terminals and put the positive and negative cables together and hold them together for about a half an hour.

Before you do this make sure you have any security codes need for the radio if needed.

This will discharge all capacitors and rest computer modules. After this procedure you will need to have certain modules do a relearn process.

Restart the car and drive to see if the problem still exists.

Accelerator Position Sensor (18047) - Implausible Signal, could be the position sensor the valve itself or a wiring problem in the system circuit.

17978 is ECU locked up. This could be related to the chips in the keys which I read can only be done at the dealer. It could be that they (the keys) would have to be re-registered or reentered with the immobilizer.

Have your mechanic do the first suggestions first and see if anything changes. At this point it doesn't require any parts just labor.

If you are not confident with the new mechanics you have, try to take it to a Ford dealer if you have one near you.

The system could be going into a safe mode or limp mode which will not let you drive very fast at all. If the throttle valves or related wiring problems exist then this could cause the safe mode.

Take off the appropriate tubing to the throttle valve to see if any carbon or any obstruction is stuck in the valve, if the ECU sees that the valve and the pedal are at different measurements it will put the light on signaling that a problem is in the throttle valve system.

Ok next check your brake lights are working ok as often this fault is triggered by a faulty brake light switch.

If the brake lights are ok, then check for water ingress into the rear of the front seats as there are certain electrical modules which can get water damaged.

Try these suggestions and let us know how you make out.
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Re: Galaxy LX TDI 2001 - Loss of power - ECU Nightmare

Sounds like the technicians you've worked with so far are not experienced with the system. Before replacing the ECU or throttle assembly, pay the fee at a Ford service department for an accurate diagnosis.
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