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acceleration problems

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acceleration problems

my 1996 ford contour 2.0 liter would not accelerate and it seem like its gonna die when i step on the gas. i just changed my fuel pump and fuel filter



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Re: acceleration problems

Other things can cause the engine to run poorly like the Mass Air Flow sensor, fuel pressure regulator, stuck open EGR valve, clogged catalytic converter, Map sensor and or baro (barometric) sensor.

Having someone check out the computer with a scanner can help you diagnose the problem. If any trouble codes come up fix them first.

Recheck the fuel pressure again the fuel pressure regulator if malfunctioning can give you a very rich or very lean condition causing drivability problems.

A dirty Mass Air Flow sensor can give you the same drivability problems.

A bad vacuum leak can cause a rough running condition, check all vacuum hoses and repair if needed.

A TPS (throttle position sensor) can also help cause an acceleration problem.

Try these few suggestions and get back to us when you can, if needed we will dig deeper into the problem.

Try to give as much detailed information as you can. It will help me help you better.
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