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Re: Engine cranks over with ignition key but engine won't start

The theft light is still on for a minute wen I try to crank it



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Re: Engine cranks over with ignition key but engine won't start

Do you have another key that you can try? You just cant have a key made and expect it to work, the key would have to be programmed into the cars computer for it to be recognized as the key to start the car.

With the anti-theft light on when cranking you have to get the car to a qualified shop or dealership to put their diagnostic scanner on your vehicle to see if there any diagnostic trouble codes stored in the computer. If there is any problem found then those codes would have to be repaired first.

The cars computer may have to be reprogrammed to recognize your keys and the only way is to have the scanner.

The other option you may have is to get a locksmith that specializes in coded car keys to have them reprogram your cars computer so the key can work in your car. The locksmith can do this as long as there are not any trouble codes stored in the computer memory that would have to be repaired.

If you have other keys that are coded for other cars or have a Mobil speed pass for the Mobil speed pass gas pump, take them off and just use the key for the car you are trying to start. If you have other keys or this pump pass; the interference of these extra devices (keys) can cause a fault in the system trying to receive the signal form the key and put the light on and give you a no start condition.
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